March 13: A Night of Aleatoric Beauty [POETRY & ART EVENT]

A night of alea-what? The word ‘aleatoric’ is derived from the Latin ‘alea’ – ‘dice’. Aleatoric poetry is poetry created through random procedures, such as cutting up and reassembling printed texts, or having a computer spit out algorithms. In other words, by a role of the dice. Techniques of this kind have been used by… Continue reading March 13: A Night of Aleatoric Beauty [POETRY & ART EVENT]

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Awe at our vulnerability to misfortune [Book review: Maria Tumarkin – Axiomatic]

Just now, on the bus, I was finishing Maria Tumarkin’s Axiomatic, which seems to have caused some ripples in the Australian literary scene. Its mournful cover design – stark white title over a smudgy pattern of charcoal black and grey – has popped up on my Instagram time and time again. I’ve seen the book displayed prominently in local stores. People have told me it’s really very special. They were right. Click title to continue reading...


Salon Cesspool: CutPasteBlurtScrawl Debut Night [EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT]

You are invited! On Thursday the 12th, Salon Cesspool will kick off at 107, Redfern, with the first of a series of themed nights exploring the murky depths of the mind, that darkness from which dreams, prophecies and artistic visions float upwards to the surface. During this first instalment, spoken word performance will be interspersed… Continue reading Salon Cesspool: CutPasteBlurtScrawl Debut Night [EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT]

Dog-eared hauls

‘Neither do we pick our teeth with the ice pick’: an examination of Bettie Stubbs’ Bible Object Lessons for Boys and Girls

In the first installment of Dog-eared hauls, our series on second-hand books, Salon Cesspool explores the hellfire-obsessed but oddly charming Christian teaching manual Bible Object Lessons for Boys and Girls. Click the title to find out how tying pupils up in front of the classroom ennobles their little souls.

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Dog-eared hauls

Dog-eared hauls: a series on second-hand books

Rejoice, for Salon Cesspool announces its first miracle of content!

Dog-eared hauls, conceived as a series of show-and-tell articles, captures some of the wonder and delight that comes from exploring second-hand book stores and leafing through the unusual books to be found there.

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