Salon Cesspool: CutPasteBlurtScrawl Debut Night [EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT]

You are invited! On Thursday the 12th, Salon Cesspool will kick off at 107, Redfern, with the first of a series of themed nights exploring the murky depths of the mind, that darkness from which dreams, prophecies and artistic visions float upwards to the surface. During this first instalment, spoken word performance will be interspersed… Continue reading Salon Cesspool: CutPasteBlurtScrawl Debut Night [EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT]

Dog-eared hauls

Dog-eared hauls: a series on second-hand books

Rejoice, for Salon Cesspool announces its first miracle of content!

Dog-eared hauls, conceived as a series of show-and-tell articles, captures some of the wonder and delight that comes from exploring second-hand book stores and leafing through the unusual books to be found there.

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